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I tried to spot the watches in the Cousteau's movies.

In "the silent world" (1955) Cousteau wears an early Rolex submariner



thanks to Jake for the identification, check his blog: link







André Laban, chief diver and engineer wears a first series Blancpain


Laban in nightsuit on the Calypso's deck.


Old adds show a similar wire strap.



12:30 on the fifty.



Laban and Cousteau


From "The world without sun"



Laban with an early Rolex submariner



Albert Falco with a Blancpain



From 1965, we see the Aquastar deepstar very often for almost ten years





Philippe Cousteau



Raymond Coll in conshelf III



Dive suit clip



The valjoux 23 version with second hand, small dots.



Vintage advert



Original paperwork, thanks to simon sinky on MWR



These are probably Aquastar from the early movies


Inner bezel




Steel bezel











                      "Oceanauts of conshelf II wore aquastar"




This Aquastar belonged to Frederic Dumas

pic from MDP forum


The Doxa sub shows up since 1972



seen for many years








  Philippe Cousteau





Albert Falco



Falco's Doxa owned by a spanish collector



Joe thomson, pilot of the Beaver pocket submarine wears a Doxa


Philippe Cousteau's Doxa




Philippe Cousteau with an orange Doxa


Robert Dill, guest geologist with Doxa T-graph



Then came the Seamaster 1000 in the Atlantis episodes.



Worn on mesh bracelet.


Bernard Delmotte





                         Omega ploprof is not often seen


Ploprof and nautic-ski



   A Ploprof from the calypso will be sold in auction on 06.04 By Leclere

Rolex submariner show up since the early movies until the amazonian series


Albert Falco 1967 sea dweller prototype


Philippe Dumas, submarine archeologist




                                    J.M. Cousteau




Sea dweller




Philipppe with the SD



I found it was a rare single red sea dweller








Other watches spotted


Nivada grenchen dephtomatic



Worn by Bernard Delmotte


Lip nautic-ski


Original bracelet


The rare orange dial version



Henri Alliet



Paul Zuena



ZRC étanche grands fonds


Typical bracelet and crown at 6

This watch belonged to Jo Seguy who was involved in various missions from 1964 to 1977



                  Other watches spotted

                 Chelsea clock on the Calypso's deck


Louit type 11 aircraft clock in the sea-chip bathyscafe



CIPIEM (the italian Comex) crane operator with Sicura 400 ?


              Cipiem diver with caribbean 2000 ufo case


                     Cousteau's famous Omega marine chronometer

             If you wonder, it's gold bezel



Philippe wore it too




Cousteau's Rolex day/date






                                                                                         Unknown watches



More to come


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