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Z.R.C. first series, possibly the first french brand dive watch



Dial, hands, crown variation



1961 ad



Second series


third series    




ZRC M.N. issued



A rare bird, the Lejour ZRC 300


                                              LIP nautic auto and manual



  Lip calipso derlin case


Blancpain Aqualung 1000ft with original strap



1980 Rolex Submariner



I had several Seamaster 300 over the years




Beware of the many fakes on the market !!



Orange patina is here to stay




CK 2913-8 before bezel restoration



Bezel restored, thanks to Aldo, the milwatchmaker. Omega was not able to do it !



                                                Aquastar deepstar



One of my favorites, Titus calypsomatic 7085



Third reference 7896 with a smaller crown and plastic bezel



Dacor branded Calypsomatic


Later variant



Triton spirotechnique



Made by Dodane in 1963



Original designer drawing, thanks to L.Dodane




The little sister is the Triton J, much harder to find



Wrong crown from seamaster 200



           Yema skin diver with an insane dial


               The Yema superman was a cheap alternative for divers



                     Many variants were produced


The rare red cross


         A nice little Sandoz



                      Airin made by Dodane




It should bear a small crown with screwed cap like first Tritons




Another type of Airain with skin diver case



NOS Airain skin diver



                                      Funky Exacta



                             1000 meters Squale



I've recently found this amazing Bulova


Very rare Bianchi cased in Marseille France, all came with flipped dial



Sandoz typhoon 1000 meters monster




Recently found iconic dive watch Doxa 300T



                                            Zodiac seawolf from the late sixties




Last catch Windsor aqua made by Spera, same type as the Airain Parmentier crown




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